The world’s first AR device chip release, semiconductor industry or bottoming out in the first quarter of next year, this company’s photoresistic product has been supplied to SMIC

The financial agency information was informed that the semiconductor industry has been progressing a lot recently. On November 17, Qualcomm released the world’s first AR device chip set -Snapdragon AR2GEN1. Snapdragon AR2GEN1 is the first chip solution for Qualcomm for AR devices, especially AR glasses. It is reported that compared with the first generation of Snapdragon XR2 platform, the overall AI performance of the Snapdragon AR2 platform increased by 2.5 times and the power consumption was reduced by 50%. On November 10th, at the International Integrated Circuit Exhibition and Seminar, Hangzhou Dibuchi Technology, a 5G IoT radio frequency chip developer, launched a 5G radio frequency transceiver chip -GC080X series. The company’s marketing director said that the appearance of the chip fills gaps in the field of domestic radio frequency receiving chips and has positive significance for the domestic market of 5G RF transceiver.

1. Global semiconductor industry or bottoming out in the first quarter of next year

Tianfeng Securities Research Report pointed out that the A -share semiconductor sector has been adjusted for more than one year since July 2021. It is believed that the industry has appeared in the third quarter of 2022:

1) Some design companies have begun to decline in inventory, and the net profit of the design sector fell by 61%year -on -year;

2) The capacity utilization rate of wafers has begun to decline, and the trend of foundry costs or structural price reductions;

3) The contract liabilities of some equipment companies have decreased month -on -month;

According to ICINSIGHT’s forecast, the global semiconductor industry is expected to bottom out in the first quarter of 2023. Combined with the three quarters of the A -share semiconductor report, it is determined that the performance of the A -share semiconductor industry is currently in the left part of the bottom. At the bottom of the opportunity, continue to pay attention to the release of the bottom signal of the industry, and actively deploy the next round of cycle.

2. The current international situation in the international situation is expected to accelerate the domestic market of the whole industry chain

Tianfeng Securities further stated that the development logic of the semiconductor industry has changed significantly. The global division of labor cooperation is gradually decreasing. With the increasing uncertainty of the external environment, the domestic market of the entire industry chain is expected to surpass the industrial cycle and become future domestic semiconductor The main line of industry development.

According to the policy side, according to the “Eighth Five -Year Plan” plan to the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” plan for my country’s national economy, they are also actively supporting the development of integrated circuits in my country, emphasizing breaking through key technologies of integrated circuits, and developing integrated circuits for the development of centralized forces in the national system. In 2021, the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan and Outline of the 2035 Variance Target” proposed to improve the new national system under my country’s socialist conditions, fight key core technologies, and promote the optimization allocation and resource sharing of scientific research institutes, universities, and corporate scientific research forces and resource sharing Essence

At present, my country has gradually stepped out of a number of outstanding leading companies in the field of semiconductor equipment parts/equipment/materials. The products have successively passed the domestic production line such as medium/Huahong/Longxin. It is expected that the domestic market of the industrial chain will accelerate again, and relevant domestic manufacturers are expected to usher in development opportunities.

3. Related listed companies: Jingrui Electric, Crystal Technology

Jingrui Electric UV negative, wide -spectrum positive glue, and some G wire light -engraving glue have been supplied for a long time; Idomotic light -engraving glue has been available to SMIs and other enterprises in recent years; high -end KRF photoretimeter resolution has reached 0.25 -0.13 μm, passed some important customers for testing, planned to supply in 2022; the research and development of ARF lithography glue is carried out in an orderly manner. It is expected to be completed at the end of 2022 when Meishan Jingrui has a 1,200 -ton lumic glue project.

Zhongjing Technology has 42 invention patents and 64 practical new patents, covering all aspects of semiconductor silicon materials and semiconductor power chips and devices.