Supporting manager of pre -sales plan

【Job Responsibilities】

  1. Responsible for reasonable arrangements to provide customers with technology and solution consulting services;
  2. According to sales and customer needs, arrange pre -sales plan engineers to provide customers with technical consulting and solution support;
  3. Organize the pre -sales engineer to summarize the case with customers, and gradually form a standardized solution;
  4. Organize the customer’s needs and feedback to the R & D department;
  5. Organize the pre -sales engineers to summarize and analyze customer needs and industry needs, and form documents;
  6. Timely feedback the information of customer needs to the R & D department to help product research and development;
  7. Organize product technology training regularly to improve the technical capabilities of sales staff and integrators;
  8. Responsible for the work plan and management of the pre -sales support department.


【Job requirements】

  1. Related majors such as machinery, automation, electrical, bachelor’s degree or above;
  2. Five years and above automated equipment system integration development and design and solution experience, those who have experienced non -standard automation
  3. Equipment and robot application solutions are preferred;
  4. Familiar with the implementation and operation process of the project plan, and have the ability to independently design project plan;
  5. With good career ethics, active work, cheerful personality, strong ability to resist pressure, and competitive spirit;
  6. Can adapt to appropriate overtime and short -term business arrangements;
  7. There is a priority to work in the mobile robot industry.

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