Hospital logistics robot


The top-lifting carrier is equipped with a core controller inside, with ultra-low chassis, which can be drilled into the shelves for top upgrades and handling. The load can reach up to 800kg; the repeat accuracy is as high as 5mm; supports Wi-Fi roaming to achieve a more stable network data Interactive; no -track laser navigation, combined with multiple sensors such as 3D obstacle avoidance cameras for safety protection; top -rise robots can achieve flexible handling between specified locations, such as e -commerce sorting, material transfer, calling and feeding, and liberating manpower Realize unmanned transportation.


CE certification, security is guaranteed

Through the CE security instruction certification, provide the highest level of quality and safety guarantee, and worry -free to the sea

Standard chassis, rich in application

Reserve rich I/O, CAN, RS485 and other interfaces for expanding the upper -level institutions, which can achieve various robot expansion applications

Standard chassis, rich in application

Support ± 5mm navigation position accuracy, 1.5m navigation speed; optional reflector, QR code positioning method

Class4 cleanliness, more reliable

Through the ISO Class4 cleanliness test, it can be directly used in the demand industry such as semiconductor high cleanliness.

Comprehensive functions, expansion and worry -free

Basic functions include map editing, model editing, positioning navigation, and providing rich peripheral expansion (rollers, top upgrades, latent traction)

3D obstacle avoidance, safer

Support the selection of 3D obstacle avoidance, reflector positioning, further improve product safety performance


Product parameters

Basic parameters
Navigation method
Laser SLAM
Two -wheel difference
Shell color
Blue and white
Rotating diameter
Performance parameters
Minimum pass width
Minimum pass width
Navigation speed
battery capacity
48V/27AH (ternary lithium)
Battery cycle

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