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Hospital logistics robot

Independent research and development design, equipped with a full-stack multi-sensor fusion perception system, the product uses laser navigation, 3D visual obstacle avoidance, multi-machine scheduling, intelligent sensing, Internet of Things and other technologies to realize unmanned automatic delivery and mobile storage functions in the hospital , replacing the manual delivery of medicines, specimens, infusion kits and other items, and meeting more than 90% of the hospital's needs for automated delivery of items.

Service robot

The Buddy intelligent service robot is independently developed and designed by the Bayesian robot. It is equipped with a full -stack multi -sensor fusion perceptual system and is equipped with an interactive knowledge map of adaptive scenario semantics to meet the personalized service needs in different scenarios. Create a diversified service experience such as welcome reception, guidance explanation, question and answer consultation, business promotion, brand promotion and other diversified service experience for users.

Move autonomous
Robot chassis

Development, modular, scalable robot chassis product -level platform. Equipped with high -performance laser SLAM positioning navigation system.

System software

Digital system software, including unified resource scheduling, WMS, visualization, visual AI, etc., comprehensively in charge of smart logistics in the field.