Intelligent logistics

Help large 3C enterprises internal logistics intelligent upgrade

Background of the project
In the past 10 years, the huge prosperity of the 3C industry has led to the vigorous development of the upstream manufacturing industry. The 3C manufacturing industry in my country has been in a labor -intensive manufacturing and processing link. The gross profit margin is about 10%, and the net interest rate is less than 5%. Cost management ability has become the core competitiveness of each enterprise. With the loss of the demographic dividend in my country, the continuous rise in labor costs, and the shortage of cliffs in the number of workers in manufacturing, the development of 3C manufacturing companies in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain faces important choices. On the cusp of the “intelligent manufacturing”, robots have replaced people, and the realization of factory automation and intelligent upgrade has become an important way out of the development of 3C manufacturing companies. As one of the top companies in the 3C manufacturing industry, a company is mainly engaged in the processing and manufacturing of consumer electronics such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, automotive components and their components, and has tens of thousands of employees. With the continuous changes in consumer demand, various brands have put forward higher requirements for factories processing and manufacturing. The quality requirements will be shortened at the same time, and the efficiency requirements for factory production efficiency will be further improved. In the case of continuous rising labor costs and difficulty recruitment of young people, the company has made up its mind to automate and intelligently upgrade.



1. AMB -based latent traction mobile robot
2. SRC -based laser SLAM ground -style automatic forklift
3. Charging pile
4. One -stop implementation tool Roboshop Pro


Highlight of the scheme

1. The dual -laser mobile robot is used in this embodiment to ensure that the robot can find obstacles (including pedestrians) at 360 ° when walking or pouring. Transportation efficiency;

2. Effectively scheduling the mobile robots through the digitalization of fairy intelligent enterprises to ensure the supply of raw materials for each station.

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